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Medical Device Conversion Excellence.

Know the Trends.


Medical device manufacturers face innumerable challenges when managing hospital conversions.

Download the following report to learn unique insights into current industry conversion trends and strategies from many of the largest medical device and diagnostic companies globally. 

Get started evaluating your current conversion strategy against the industry trends today by downloading the white paper below.


Learn more about the survey participants.

Participant Details

This survey, administered in Q4 of 2017, reflects the opinions of 40 business leaders who manage conversions for both hardware and disposable products in 14 of the largest, global medical device and diagnostic organizations. The participants, all Novasyte client partners, represent a cross-section of 32 divisions.
The following data outlines the general classifications of the survey's participants to provide increased context to the white paper findings.



Learn what this group identified as today's medical device conversion excellence trends.

Download the White Paper Here.



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